Take care of your computer, as it takes care of you. A simple tool that you can use daily. Read on…

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We often get asked about methods for regularly cleaning your computer of useless garbage that seems to build up on your computer such as temporary files, incomplete downloads, cache, cookies, and a host of other things such as registry errors or old entries into the registry.

We have a simple solution to the problem with a single piece of software available for free download on download.com.  The software is called CCLeaner by Piriform.  They have CNET’s highest 5 star rating and have more than 79 million downloads.

It is easy to install and use.  Once you install the software, go through the settings carefully to check box which things you would like it to erase upon execution.  I have found that I make sure that the program is not erasing my recently used documents in Excel and Word, as these are something I refer back to often.  Otherwise, I have it erase most things such as EVERYTHING in Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome.

The software really works in three ways:

First and foremost, it cleans out temporary files and does a really good job.

Secondly, it will go through your registry and eliminate entries that are no longer used or that have invalid link references.  Sometimes when you uninstall a program that used an extension like “XYZ” for example.  It will go in and delete those extensions that are no longer linked to valid software references.   I highly suggest that you backup your registry on a regular basis with software that is designed to do so.  You can also have CCleaner backup the changes that it is making to your registry in the event that it accidentally erases something that you need.  I have yet to ever have a problem, but you never know…

The third and final area that CCleaner provides assistance with is helping you uninstall old software that you never use or really didn’t want installed.  YOu can erase them here and then flip back over to your registry cleaner and have it get what the uninstall program may have missed.  I would suggest running the registry cleaner first and then the uninstaller for piece of software you want removed.  This way you can see what the software missed during the uninstall.

If you have any questions or need quick help, let us know.

Another highly useful tool for using the Internet is a password tool called LastPass.  It replaces the use of the default browser password program that has barely any security or protection for your highly sensitive passwords.  The added advantage is that you can also use it to log in at work, school, and other places as long as you install the extension in the browser you are using.  You are issued a user name based upon your e-mail address and you select a master password.  It is protected with high level security and stored on a secure server.  You cannot beat the price at $12/year.  Read more on LastPass Browser Encryption Software.