Setting up recurring products in your nsCommerceSpace can be a tricky thing to accomplish. Instead of doing it while you are creating the product, you will need to go back in an edit the product once it has been created on your store. Here is how…

After creating a product configuring your initial product settings, navigate to the Advanced tab on the Product Details page. From here you will be able to activate Recurring Billing and choose the settings for this particular product.


The Recurring Settings available:

  • Recurring Billing: Activate the Recurring Billing module on this product. Y/N
  • Recurring Price: Control the price, per Price Level at which the product will renew. The customer will purchase the price on the General tab and renew at the Recurring Price.
  • Charge Shipping: Determine if shipping should be charged on each recurring event. This is helpful when you don’t need to ship the product each recurring billing.
  • Recurring Schedule: Choose the pattern in which to charge the customer. There are 2 options:
    • Monthly based on purchase date: If the customer signs up on the 16th of the month, they will be charged on the 16th of the next month.
    • # of Days: Choose the number of days in between each billing. For example 90 to bill the customer quarterly.
  • Delay the First Charge: Choose to delay the initial charge by a certain number of days. A good way to manage “First 30 days free” promotions.
  • Number of Payments: Determine how many times the recurring event should trigger.
  • Reduce Inventory Levels: Determine if each recurring billing should reduce your inventory levels. Useful if you use recurring billing for payment plans.

After configuring all the settings for the product, don’t forget to hit the SAVE button at the bottom!