On August 6th Network Solutions will launch the Version 8.1.6 of its Ecommerce platform.  This release will include a mix of existing feature enhancements and bug fixes.

The most notable changes include:
Expanded Category Count – Due to numerous customer requests, we have expanded the number of categories a merchant can add to their store to 3500. Some additional code optimization was included to support this feature.

New Setup Wizard – New merchants will have a simple to use setup wizard that will help them open their store in 5 simple steps.  The new wizard will allow a merchant to open their store in just a few minutes!

Marketing Platform Pre-Release – In preparation to our new marketing tools coming shortly, we will pre-release some code to make the activation simple.  Keep an eye out for a follow-up release in the next few days!

Recurring Billing Improvements – numerous improvements to increase the reliability of this feature and to ensure proper charging.

MasterPass Improvements – The new MasterPass plug-in has some additional SSL and image path fixes.

Miscellaneous Bugs and Enhancements

  • USPS API updates in support of the recent changes.
  • Max Order Quantity was not working on iOS
  • Tax file updated
  • Add-A-Store checkout “Remove” product button was not working