On November 7th Network Solutions launched the Version 8.1.2 of its nsCommerceSpace platform.  This release will include a mix of existing feature enhancements and bug fixes. The most notable changes include:

  • Add-A-Store Enhancements
  • Digital Goods Enhancements
  • Updated WYSIWYG Editor
  • New Payment Gateway options
  • New Design Template available
  • Mobile Store bug fixes
  • Miscellaneous Bugs and Enhancements

Add-A-Store Enhancements – Based on the merchants already utilizing the Add-A-Store feature, we have added some improvements and continued iterating on the road map to enhance the feature.  Merchants will now have the following improvements available:

  1. Dedicated Add-A-Store Checkout – Send your customers to a dedicated checkout flow, that can be branded closely to the site you are placing your products.
  2. Product Image Zoom In/Out – When using the Single Product Layouts and a user clicks the product image, the image will zoom for a more detailed view.
  3. New Buy Now Buttons Available – There are 30 new Add to Cart, Buy Now, and Order Now buttons available to merchants when using a graphical image.


Digital Goods Enhancements – Merchants now have a few new tools to help them better manage their eProducts.  These new features include:

  1. Date/Time Stamp on eProducts – To help a merchant better manage their digital files, the system will capture the date/time the file was uploaded.
  2. Multiple Digital Files – Merchants can now offer multiple digital files on a single eProduct.  Great to help optimize large files that exceed the 500MB limit.
  3. Username/Password Licensing option – Add a delimiter to your License key (ex. username123/Passw0rd!) when you require a username and password to access the file.


Updated WYSIWYG Editor – A new editor is available with many more design options to help our HTML novice merchants better control their designs. The new WYSIWYG editor will include all previous options.


New Payment Gateway Options – To better accommodate many new merchants, the following payment gateways are now available:

  1. First Data e4 Gateway
  2. Verifi Payment Gateway


New Design Template Available – We are adding another design template for free consumption to the software.  The new template takes a less traditional approach to previous templates.


Mobile Store Bug Fixes – The following bugs have been reported and will be corrected in the upcoming release:

  1. Checkout questions using HTML will now render properly
  2. The “Select Country” option was not pre-populating the first country in the list
  3. The PayPal button was misaligned in the checkout flow
  4. iPad users will no longer be directed to the Mobile Store


General Enhancements – The following improvements and maintenance items are part of the v8.1.2 release.

  1. Ecom API Updates include:
    1. ReadGiftCertificate Large detail size now returns CreateTime and Expiration values
    2. ProductID now available on ReadProduct on products with Variations
    3. Tax File Rates are up to date
    4. Zip Code values are up to date
    5. UPS rates with a comma in the weight (ex. 1,000lbs) were giving wrong rates
    6. The AddThis button longer disappears when selecting a Personalization