Said to be the last password you have to remember.  It is rated highly by all popular download websites.  It is a tool that you will download and be happy with years to come.  Read on…

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This last week I started wiriting articles on simple pieces of software that you can use everyday to help you manage your life.  I was surprised to find that so many people had absolutely no idea about a piece of cleaning software called CCleaner by Piriform.  So if you have not read my previous article, you can find it here:  Simple Cleaning Methods For Your Computer That You Can Use Daily.

Today, I am going to explain how to manage your ever-growing amount of online passwords with one simple piece of software that you can use from any computer you sit down in front of.  The software is called LastPass.  They make the bold statement that it is, “The Last Password You Have To Remember“.  They are definitely right.  I have been using their product for more than five years now and have not had a single complaint.  You can download the software directly from the Lastpass Website on a trial basis.

Lastpass provides you high level encryption and security for all of your passwords that you use to log onto the Internet with.  The software installs into your browser, whether it is Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or other.  Then, each time you visit a website and enter in a user name and password, it will prompt you to remember it.  It also has a really great feature that also allows you to enter your personal information into the settings that you can later use when you are presented with one of those hundreds of forms that you see every time you visit a website.  You know, those ones that ask you for your name, e-mail, address, telephone number, date of birth, etc.  You can store those in something called profiles.  In fact, you can create one for home and work, and one for your spouse home and work if you choose as well.  The value of this software for me is priceless.

Another great feature is that you can also install it on your smartphone as well.  Then when you want to log on to your bank or other site, you will have your passwords in your hand everywhere you go.  They are all protected by a master password to prevent others from getting their hands on your valuable data.  In the event that you get your computer stolen or your phone, the data can be recovered simply by re-installing the software onto another computer and accessing your account.  Yes, your information is stored on a secured server at their facility.  Does that scare you? Why?  Honestly, in today’s age, this is probably the safest place for your data.  It is much better than you writing it on the back of your mousepad, on a piece of paper somewhere, or in your day planner.  I have seen it all.  Pick a master password that is long.  Make it a phrase that you can remember.  Here is an example, “I_Love_Norms_Ribs_Since_2014!!”  or something that you cannot forget that will have a bunch of capital letters, underscores, and exclamation points.  It makes it hard to hack.

This software is free to try and $12 a year to use.  Spring for the $12.  It is worth it.  I use the Lastpass password manager at home on the main computer, and at work on the computer there.  I also have it on my Android phone.  Each day you will have to log in with your user name and password so no one at work will have your info either.  This is also really a bookmark manager as well, as you have all of your sites organized in the site list.  You can also set the password manager to auto log off whenever you walk away from your computer and lock it, every X amount of time, daily at a certain time, etc.  They really have thought of everything.

Hope this helps!  My next article this week will be on virus and malware scanning software.  There are literally dozens of them out there that people swear by.  I have a list of the ones that truly are effective and are being used by professionals who help people get malware off your computer every day.  Check back this Friday for my new article.