For those of you out there that will be purchasing a new tablet from one of the retailers advertising the so-called great deals, take a second look.

Walmart is promoting a $49 tablet called the RCA 7.  Best Buy is promoting a $39 tablet called the D2. Sears is promoting the Zeki.  They all seem to have GREAT deals going.

Here is the challenge.  Each of these tablets are made from cheap parts, have 800×600 screens, little memory, have single core processors, and really are not the deal that you think they are.    Take a look at some of the comments left by people online after their purchases of these so-called deals.  No one seems very happy with their tablets.

I am not suggesting that you go out and spend $500 on a iPad, Kindle Fire HD, or Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, but at least find a deal on a tablet that is marked down from higher prices, unlike these tablets that have not been marked down.  They are genuinely made to be priced they way they currently are from these retailers.

Prices for the Kindle Fire HD and Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 will be coming down in price in December.  The Samsung Galaxy 3 is currently going at $150 and should come down to around $100 or so.  The Kindle Fire HD is going around $140 right now and should also drop to about $100.  Both are good tablet models.

As with any Black Friday buying decisions you make in the next few days, don’t be fooled by low prices. You really don’t want to end up with a $40 paperweight that you cannot use.