If you are like myself and literally millions of other people who own the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 Tablets, you are also probably now aware that the Bluetooth functionality no longer works properly. It may look like it works and your device may pair with the tablet, but using the device on it will prove useless, that is unless you own Samsung original accessories.

If you haven’t already upgraded your tablet to Lollipop, we suggest that you wait!!

After spending the last three days trying to figure out what caused the problem with my own tablet, I found in the process that there seems to be some challenges with the code as it was written for the Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 Android Lollipop release. Logitech seems to be speculating that the code was mistakenly written in a manner that only allows native accessories to run on the tablets and not 3rd party accessories, such as those sold by Logitech, Zagg, and others. When I tested the Zagg Cover-Fit keyboard on my Note Pro 12.2 tablet earlier this afternoon, the same problem existed, as it did with the Logitech keyboard (Model Y-R0044) made for the tablet. The keyboard will pair with the tablet without any problems. It will also connect to the tablet without any problems. However, when you go to type anything, the keys simply do not work.

After spending a little more than 2 hours on the phone with Samsung, I basically got the company line… “Our technical support team is working on the problem and will hopefully have an answer soon”. When I asked to speak with a supervisor, I was placed on what the representative called a brief hold. 45 minutes later he came back on the phone and said that he was connecting me to a supervisor who could hopefully provide more insight. After waiting almost another hour on hold, I finally gave up and hung up the phone. I found Samsung to not only unhelpful, but rude in the way they communicated. It was as if I should just be happy to own their product and be even happier if they were to actually make it work as it was designed to, and on their time schedule.

What I have found in the thousands of posts I have seen online over the last few days is that Logitech has been openly trying to assist people in at least understanding that the problem is in the hands of Samsung and Android. Some Zagg keyboard owners indicated online that they had no problems with their keyboard, but I am beginning to think that this may not necessarily be true, as many others had indicated that they were experiencing the same problems as Logitech owners. Everyone indicated that Samsung was less than helpful, and many indicated that they were just downright rude to them when they called.

So at this point there is really no answer to the problem. There is no ETA as to when it will be fixed. Logitech has been hesitant to put a number to the amount of people they believe are effected, but will say that their users are having issues with keyboards and mice, which could easily be millions of products effected.

There is really no way for the average consumer to contact Google’s Android division and get customer service. For the most part, this is consistent with most of the products from Google. However, they are aware of the problem and are apparently working with Samsung to resolve it. When that will happen is a mystery.  The original release date for this product was July 9th.  It has been 15 days and counting.

Here are a few suggestions that you may try …

  1. Try the basics.  Reboot your device and clear the system cache.  Try and unpair and then pair your device again.  Chances are, this will not work.
  2. If the problem you are having is the Logitech or Zagg keyboard not working, you can use a standard keyboard with the tablet, which doesn’t use the Bluetooth access.  You will need to purchase an adapter cord to go from Micro USB 3.0 A to USB Female.  Then you can plug the standard keyboard into the female USB end and you now have a keyboard attached again.  You will just need to watch your battery life and plug it in when you drain the power.  You can also use a wireless keyboard by plugging in the “unifying receiver” into the female end and the Micro USB 3.0 A into the power end of your tablet.  I use the Microsoft Arc keyboard and have had no problems.  I have attached a picture of the adapter cable that you will need to use to properly setup a non-Bluetooth keyboard.
  3. You can also do a factory reset on your tablet and attempt to patch an earlier version of Android OS onto it.  This is really something you do only if you are ready to give up anything you have on your tablet and are okay with starting over.  Use Dropbox or Google Drive to backup your data first and remember that this is NOT a sure fire way of fixing the problem.  In fact, Samsung does not suggest it.
  4. You can also “root” your device.  However, this voids the warranty and will take you down a much different road with your product in the future.  Again, this is not suggested.
  5. Wait until they fix the problem.  Chances are, it will be within the next month or so… hopefully.

USB Micro Adapter
Here is a good picture of the adapter (on the right) that you would need to use to attach an external standard keyboard with your tablet.  You can find them online, on eBay or at any Fry’s Electronics location.

If you are choosing to wait it out, here are some links to keep checking back with.  These are links to forums where this problem is being addressed, and will hopefully be the first place to look when there is a solution.

Android Central Forums
Logitech Forums
XDA Developers Forums


I certainly hope that you find this article to be helpful.  I will post a solution the minute it becomes available, so bookmark this article!


Mark Temte
Senior Project Manager
Ecom Internet Technologies